Web Hosting

Get started with your website, domains, blog or online store and let us take care of operations and security so you can focus on your business.

Support for WordPress and much more

You can use WordPress, Joomla, NextCloud, Drupal, and much more for your website. All scalable with microservices so you can change, upgrade, or add features as needed.

We help you get domains and DNS in place

Whether you already have a domain or want to register new ones, we've got you covered. Your domain name can be registered with most top-level domains. In the control panel, you can manage most things within DNS settings.

SSL certificate included

In order for all traffic between your website and your customers to be secure, SSL certificates are included that encrypt all traffic. We take care of the management of the certificates and make sure that you always have the highest security on your we

No limits on resources

Your website has plenty of storage for files and databases. You also have free traffic and bandwidth so you always have the best performance. You can also have unlimited domains connected to your website.

Data centers in Sweden and within the EU

All data is stored exclusively within the EU in data centers, primarily in Stockholm and Amsterdam. All data centers maintain high security and redundancy on power supply, fire protection and, above all, connection to the Internet.

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