Web Hosting (wh)

Incabus Web Hosting provides a complete and scalable solution that can be easily adapted to the company's needs whether it be websites, databases or Internet e-mail.


With Incabus Web Hosting the company gets a powerful and scalable solution for creating and managing web applications both for actual service and test environments. The company's website, blog or e-commerce can be started quickly and easily, and with only a few clicks FTP accounts and databases access can be managed. The service scales automatically to increase or decrease in depending on the load. No proprietary servers or operating environment is required.


Manage your websites, databases and emails instantly and easily

With Incabus Cloud, you can create, edit and delete web sites, FTP accounts, email accounts and aliases. You quickly get an overview of everything and any changes you make are up and running in seconds.

Customize the service to your needs and pay only for what you use

With a few simple clicks, you can adapt the service to the needs and you are not stuck with unnecessary costs. You only pay for the capacity you use.

Get your CMS, blog or eCommerce up and running in minutes

Incabus Web Hosting has full support for open source software such as PHP, Node.js, Python and Perl. With frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, Django, Zencart and many more will get you started with your web application within minutes.

Control your developers access to company websites

With unlimited number of FTP accounts you can easily control which developers and web designers who have access to your web applications. If anyone needs access to the site it can be arranged it in seconds and you remove the access just as easily when the job is finished.

Get maximum performance for your websites with automatic resource allocation

Whether you have a hundred or hundreds of thousands of visitors Incabus web cluster automatically load balances the traffic load. Your website can quickly deliver content to your customers regardless of load.