Microsoft 365

Work smarter, easier and everywhere with Microsoft 365, increase productivity and share files easily.

Use all the Office programs you are used to, everywhere

Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Teams and much more on your computer, web, tablet or mobile. Everything is synchronized smoothly and automatically through OneDrive. With shared OneDrive, you replace the company's file server and work together with your coworkers on the same document, at the same time.

We help you get started and move everything to Microsoft 365

Regardless of whether you have your e-mail on web hosting, Gmail or your own servers, we help you transfer everything to Microsoft 365 without interruption. We help you replace the company's file server and move the company's data to your own OneDrive and to the company's shared OneDrive. All coworkers can work with documents and files without connecting to a terminal server or with a complicated VPN connection.

We manage your email, OneDrive, Teams and more

We help you with e-mail, groups, Teams and everything technical that can be difficult to keep track of so that you and your coworkers can focus on using Microsoft 365 without problems. Everything is handled automatically in the background so your email and files are secured. You always have the latest features and all apps up to date.

Management of computers and mobile devices

Microsoft Intune gives you control of the company's computers and mobile devices and is included in some Office licenses. Regardless of whether coworkers work in the office or from home, you have access to information about computers and devices. The software that the company uses is automatically installed on new computers. With group policies, computers are automatically configured so users can start working right away.

Enhanced protection for the company and coworkers

The built-in protection in OneDrive allows you to recover files encrypted for blackmail purposes. With Microsoft Defender for Office 365, your business gets proactive protection against attacks such as email breaches, phishing, extortion trojans and advanced malware. With Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, you get enhanced protection against viruses, malware and malicious code that can infect your computers.

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