Cloud Backup

Easy and automated backup for all your data no matter where you store it.

Back up everything you need

You can choose between making file backups on Windows and Linux servers, system backup on Windows AD server, backup on Microsoft 365 (Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint), backup VMware and Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, QNAP and Synology NAS.

Secure storage of your backups

During the backup, all data is checked to ensure that it is not corrupt. It is then compressed and encrypted with a key that only you have access to. When the backup is complete, the data is sent over to servers at another location where the backup is stored. Thanks to the encryption, the data is inaccessible to others and only you can unlock it.

Schedule backup for added security

Sometimes accidents happen, e.g. colleagues accidentally deleting files or ransomware encrypts the company's files. If the errors are not detected in time, they cannot be restored from daily backups. By scheduling backups by day, month, quarter and half year, you can always restore data.

Guaranteed backup recovery

Backup control functions ensure that data can be restored if necessary. You can either schedule or manually run data integrity checks to ensure that the data in the backup is correct. You can also schedule automated recovery tests to ensure that all data is recoverable.

Total control over your backup with control panel and reports

In the web-based control panel, you can manage backup settings, reports, recovery tests and much, much more. You can download client software for all operating systems. You receive detailed reports by email every day and you can always see full logs of everything that happens.

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