IT Support

User support, servers and networks, cloud services, purchase of hardware and software. We help you all the way from the start to being your IT department.

Fast IT support for the employees

We act as the company's IT department and help employees with both urgent problems and planned work and advice. We help you with the installation of software, computers, phones and other equipment. We provide support for the most common software and troubleshooting for software and hardware problems. The employees always have a fixed point to turn to for help.

Operation of company servers and networks

Whether the company's servers are in the office, in a data center or in the cloud, we take care of the daily operations. We manage the communication between computers, servers, switches and firewalls and ensure that access to the Internet works. We help you with hybrid solutions if you have servers both in the cloud and in the data center or in the office.

Automated device management

With mobile device management (MDM), we can automate the installation, configuration and monitoring of enterprise computers, phones and tablets seamlessly. Employees get started smoothly and quickly by starting the computer and logging in to their Microsoft 365 subscription. All programs, e-mail and files will automatically be in place.

Safety for users and equipment

We work with security solutions from, among others, Microsoft to protect the company against ransomware, viruses, phishing and other threats that occur. This gives you proactive protection in Microsoft 365 as well as in computers and phones. Of course, we protect the company's network with firewalls, VPN solutions and server backups.

Purchase of software and computers or other equipment

Through partnership and cooperation with a number of well-known suppliers of software such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe and more, we can offer the solution that your company needs. We also sell hardware and equipment from leading manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, HPE, Apple and more. We help you build your company's operating environment according to your needs.

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