Cloud Server (cs)

Incabus Cloud Server allows the company to supplement or replace their own hardware and software with scalable and secure server solutions in world class data centers.


The Incabus Cloud Server service allows the company to easily and quickly build a server environment without requiring operation of own hardware and software. The service is flexible and servers, memory, disk or CPU can be easily scaled up or down as needed. If more servers are needed to increase capacity or for testing purposes, new servers or copies of existing servers can be created. The company's own infrastructure can be connected to the service, which makes it possible to mirror the operating environment.


Customize your Incabus Cloud Server as needed

Install the server with the amount of memory and hard disk you need. You can increase or decrease the most in your server afterwards if your needs have changed.

Support for the most commonly used operating systems

You can choose to have the server with the most used server operating system available such as Windows Server 2012 and 2008, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora, and FreeBSD.

Automatic replacement of hardware for high availability

You always have the latest hardware in your server. If the server load increases, your server is automatically moved to other hardware so that your server always has the best performance.

Migrate your physical hardware to Incabus Cloud Server

You can easily upgrade your own physical servers to a Incabus Cloud Server with conversion tools so you don't have any maintenance costs with your own hardware.

Clone your Incabus Cloud Server for test or production

If you want to increase the performance of your application or test drive installations and upgrades, you can easily copy any of your existing servers to a new. You can increase the capacity or test drive upgrades and installations without affecting the operation of the production environment.

Connect your own data center to Incabus Cloud Server

If you have your own VMware environment in your data center, you can connect it to Incabus Cloud Server to enhance security and performance by moving machines between data centers.