Managed Server (ms)

With Incabus Managed Server, we will secure your company's business critical systems and services by working proactively with the operation of servers and monitor them continuously.


With Incabus Managed Server, we manage the operation and monitoring of business critical servers. The monitoring checks the status and load of the CPU, memory, hard drives and critical services on each server. In this way we can work proactively to avoid downtime. Depending on SLA you can choose the minimum response time to urgent problems that fits your needs. We also carry out software or hardware installations, updates and repairs as needed.


Securing the company's business-critical systems

We help you secure your business critical servers in your own premises, our data centers or at another vendor's data center. Regardless of where the servers are, we make sure that they works.

Proactive operation of business-critical servers

With regular checks on the company's servers, we help you with updates of the operating system and software. Through monitoring of the servers we prevent hardware failure and resolves issues before they become urgent.

Management of business critical servers, at a fixed price

With Managed Server Pro, you always get a fixed price for server operations, whether it is preventive work or emergency help. We simply take care of everything so you are guaranteed a functioning server operation.

Monitoring the status and health of hardware and software

With continuous monitoring and regular reports on the status and health of your servers we prevent errors before they happen. We also help you to keep track of warranty periods, software versions, and status of the hard and software in the servers.

Phone support and patch management included

Managed Server agreements includes phone support for the operation of the server. We also manage the routine work with updates and patch management of the server operating system.