DNS Hosting (dh)

Incabus DNS Hosting addresses Companies that would like to have full control of their domains in a simple and foreseeable way without themselves needing to handle the operation of the DNS Server and infrastructure.


Through the Service Incabus DNS Hosting the Company don't need their own DNS Servers to handle the control of their domains as this will be done through the Incabus DNS Servers placed in a well developed infrastructure. The Company can handle domains regardless of what kind of registrars used. All you need to do is to indicate that Incabus DNS Servers shall be used to handle the domain. The Service is easy to set up and start in just a few minutes.


Full administration of your domains and DNS zones

You get full control of all domains and DNS zones, so you can can add, delete or edit zones and records without having to manage your own DNS servers.

Use Incabus DNS Hosting no matter where your servers are located

You can use Incabus DNS Hosting, whether you have your servers in your own data center, our data centers or with another provider. You manage everything from one place.

Supports the most common types of DNS records

The most common types of DNS entries such as A, NS, MX and CNAME records can be created and edited easy and convenient for you to quickly handle your domains.

Regular reloading of your DNS zones for quick updates

Any changes you make will be sent to all DNS servers within 20 minutes so that the changes you make will be into operation quickly.

Gather all of your domains in one place and one control panel

Incabus DNS Hosting allows you to consolidate all your registered domains in a smooth way in a web based control panel so you can view and can handle all DNS zones simple and easy.